Unparalleled Options to choose from, Unbeatable Prices, and Extremely flexible payment options.

Al Joker Real Estate is a Dubai based full-service, luxury real estate brokerage company that is redefining the standards of Dubai’s real estate industry.

Al Joker Real Estate offers a world class experience in the search and acquisition of renowned luxury properties through our wide network of connections across the UAE. 


With hundreds of properties in our portfolio and a wide network of realtors across the United Arab Emirates, Al Joker Real Estate makes sure that you get your dream property in Dubai in the best price.


With over 1000+ enquiries every day where many people are looking to purchase a new property in the UAE, Al Joker Real Estate as an intermediary connects the buyer with the seller for the fulfillment of the final decision.


Rent your dream property in the UAE any day, any time, and anywhere. Fill in the form and select your preferences. We will reach out to you with the best offer available depending on the availability of the given property.

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Aljoker Real Estate Group

We help ambitious people across the globe just like you, who are willing to make their dream come true by buying their dream property in Dubai.

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Team Members

Al Joker Real Estate group has more than 20 realtors in Dubai that seamlessly helps anyone who's planning to sell, buy or rent any property in Dubai.



A diverse and global community of independent thinkers make up our inclusive workplace.

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